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  about the artist

Meg Molloy is a Los Angeles based artist. A recent transplant from New York, where she lived for ten years, she found inspiration in the beautiful graffiti of Brooklyn, the diversity of the population, the layered and colorful grit of subway station ads, and the quick pace of the city. Originally from Houston, the American epicenter of Space exploration, her work also reflects a young mind inspired by the cosmos. 

       Meg has been painting since early childhood and earned a BA in Studio Art from St. Edwards University in 2008. She has shown her work at spaces in Austin, Houston, New York, and Los Angeles. Working mostly with acrylic paint and oil pastels, she enjoys creating pieces full of vibrant colors, bold shapes, and textured layers. Her goal is to make each piece feel like a portal to a more whimsical and abstract world, bursting with color, energy, and movement. She is passionate about civil rights and has helped raise funds for the ACLU with a portion of proceeds from her art sales from her most recent show going directly to the organization. Meg intends to continue to raise funds for important causes through her art.


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